A Comprehensive Guide To Math Lesson Plans For Your Homeschool

A mom who is considering homeschooling recently asked what advice I would give if I could only share one thing.

My response?

“It will all be OK, but try to figure out a plan for math.”

Ahh, math. It makes many homeschool parents nervous and I was no different when my kids were young.

So here is the truth:

There really isn’t one perfect math curriculum out there, but there are a lot of great ones that will help you provide your children with a solid math foundation.

Ultimate Guide To Math PIN

Choosing A Homeschool Math Curriculum

But with so many math curricula available, how do you choose the “right” one? How do you know what your kids will like, and what will help you teach effectively?

Remember, there are so many great homeschool math options available, but no curriculum is one-size-fits-all.

There’s a lot to consider when selecting a math program, so ask yourself:

  • What is my comfort level teaching math? Do I need a program that provides a lot of direction for the instructor?
  • Are my kids naturally curious about math or a bit (or very) hesitant?
  • What mode of learning would work best for our family? Online lessons? Workbooks? Lots of hands-on practice?
  • What are our family goals for math? Do we have a teen who is leaning toward careers that require advanced math?
  • What is manageable in this season? Do we have a newborn? A busy toddler? A houseful of on-the-go teens?

From there, it can help to search online for honest homeschool parent math reviews. 

Explore what parents say about length of lessons and ease of use. Also consider what homeschool methods (if any) they subscribe to. 

Do they share about their children’s learning styles? 

Keep in mind that a math program might be popular or work well for some families, but that doesn’t mean it will meet the needs of your unique family.

Finally, a trusted source in the homeschool world is Cathy Duffy. See if the program you are leaning toward has been reviewed on her website.

Lesson Planning Options for Math

Because so many homeschool families worry a little extra about math, there is a lot of advice out there about when to do math and how often.

So here is the good news:

Math lesson planning doesn’t have to be complicated, especially if you use Homeschool Planet’s online planning system.

Homeschool Planet seamlessly integrates with many of the most-used math curricula available, so you can schedule math in a way that makes sense for your family.

Families are unique – so some choose to do math every day, and others, especially those with younger kids, may do math lessons less frequently.

One of the biggest benefits of planning math with Homeschool Planet is that you can establish separate profiles for each of your children, and choose not only how often they do math lessons, but also when in their day they do math.

This is great for your mathletes as well as for those who aren’t naturally math lovers and prefer getting math done early or saving it for the end of the day.

Math Lesson Plans For Your Homeschool Planet Planner

Take a look at all the math lesson plans we have available for you in our Lesson Plan and Curriculum Marketplace:

Textbook and Hands-On Math Lesson Plans

Online and DVD Math Options

Lesson Planning With Homeschool Planet

Choosing a homeschool math program and math lesson planning really doesn’t have to be overwhelming or scary.

And Homeschool Planet provides free resources to help you get started.

First, you can try a free 30-day trial of Homeschool Planet’s online planning system

In just a few clicks, you will be able to set up profiles for you and each of your children. It’s quick and easy to add lessons, work schedules, family events, to-do lists and even shopping lists.

But Homeschool Planet’s free trial also allows you to choose one free lesson plan to add to your schedule automatically.

Planning is a snap, because your free lesson plan automatically integrates into your Homeschool Planet planner. Homeschool Planet offers many popular math lesson plans – just head to the free trial page and click on the drop-down to choose from our growing library.

Math feels so much less stressful when you have a solid plan, so head over and explore math lesson planning options and more today.