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How to track attendance

Tracking Attendance

By | Using Homeschool Planet

Learn how to track attendance in Homeschool Planet, the premier online homeschool planner, using these directions or with the convenient link to our video tutorial. To get started tracking attendance for your students you can follow the steps below. Click on the “My Family” link…

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Homeschool Planet High School Transcripts button

High School Transcripts – How to Generate them in a Click

By | Using Homeschool Planet

A big cause of paranoia in homeschooling is the worry of not doing enough for your child to enter college. You can do all you can to ensure your child is at a certain level of knowledge to proceed from year to year but when do you start capturing what they have learned in order to produce a viable transcript for graduate school or trade school? Do you start at the middle school level? High school? What do you need in in a transcript? Learn how to put this worry behind you and generate high school transcripts in only a click.

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