Homeschool Tips When Mom Needs a Sick Day

Homeschool moms are used to balancing math quizzes, making dinner, and taking a sick child’s temperature. Chaotic days are simply a part of the homeschool life. Homeschool moms play janitor, cafeteria lady, and teacher. So what happens when it’s mom who needs a sick day? Here are some tips to help moms recover and rest while learning still goes on.

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Tips for Homeschool Mom Sick Days 

Be Prepared:  The last thing a mom needs to worry about while sick are lessons, quizzes, and textbooks. The best thing you can do while planning your homeschool is to prepare for sick days. Just like a teacher preparing for a substitute, you need to have a file with worksheets, alternate lessons, activities, and more. You may want to update the file every so often to keep it fresh.

Documentaries and Movies:  Streaming services are great for last minute entertainment needs. To prepare for this you will first want to ensure your child has access to DVDs or your streaming service has parental controls. Then create a list of mom-approved documentaries and movies. You may want to assign your children to take notes and/or provide a small report of what was watched.

Printables:  Gather some printables for your children to keep busy while you rest. You can fill up folders for each of your children with review materials, coloring sheets, and more! You can update the files every so often. Allow your children to work on the unused pages while waiting or in the car, or just as busy work when needed. Just never allow your sick day folders to go empty. Look over the FREE printables offered on Homeschool Planet.

Busy Boxes: The items in these boxes or cupboard will depend on the age of your children. Fill up a cupboard or box with art supplies such as playdough, markers, paper, stickers, pipe cleaners, and more. You may also want to include building blocks, card games, solitary games, and trading cards.

Provide Writing Prompts & Math Puzzles: Create your own by using index cards. Place in a box for when you need it!

Get a Substitute:  Do you have a family friend or relative that can keep your children busy for a day? You can make it a fun day by just allowing them to spend time with grandparents or you can hire a homeschooled teen for a few hours to teach some lessons.

Homeschool Planner: When you create a plan for your homeschool, think about making it accessible to your children provided they are old enough. If they are able to read the day’s lessons then they can be responsible for taking care of their work. Did you know that Homeschool Planet provides your children access to the planner? Your child can have his own login to clearly see his assignments and check the off when completed. If you employ our lesson plans then your child can easily access materials to complete the lessons. Falling behind won’t even come to mind!

Most of all, Don’t worry! 

It is hard to take time off as a homeschool mom. We want to tough it out for fear of falling behind. Yes, you are very much needed in your home. However, that is all the more reason why you need to care for yourself. Your children need you healthy and filled with as much energy as a cup of coffee allows. Please never feel guilty about taking time to recover from an illness. Remember, your best way to recover as a homeschool mom is proper planning.