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FREE Printable History Timeline {for Subscribers}

By October 21, 2019 October 1st, 2022 No Comments

I’m not sure what your favorite school subject is, but my favorite subject is history. I love learning about people, places, and things from other eras of time. I enjoy watching documentaries and reading biographies. It brings out a passion in me that other subjects just don’t. I am thankful that my children seem to really enjoy history as well.

But not everyone enjoys history as much as we do. This can make it difficult to add history into your homeschool days if it is not your cup of tea. With Homeschool Planet’s Free History Timeline printable, you can easily add in a history project for your child can complete independently each year as they follow any history curriculum.

A Case for an Integrated Education

We have chosen to use a spine curriculum in our family’s homeschool that focuses on history and weaves other subjects in as we go. You can read more about this style of integrated education here. I highly recommend it as it helps boost a child’s retention of the information being covered at any given time for each individual subject when they all intersect.

History Timeline PIN

No matter what style of education you choose to invest your time in for your homeschooling family, history will be a key component in your studies. A very popular way to help children trace the events and people of history is using a timeline notebook.

Timeline notebooks can be very quick and easy to put together for your student. We have provided for you below a free history timeline template that you can print again and again. Just three hole punch the sheets you have printed and add to any three ring binder. You could divide by eras into different notebooks or collect everything in one notebook.

Some timeline projects have you hanging them up on a wall, but most families do not have the space for this. This kind of compact timeline project can give your child a birds eye view of history that they can reference later. The completed project can also be a keepsake.

FREE History Timeline

If you are interested in downloading the FREE History Timeline template below, just fill in your information and you will receive a quick download link. Enjoy!