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Parts of Speech & Punctuation Quick Reference Guide

By October 14, 2019 July 18th, 2023 No Comments

No matter how many times we drill the parts of speech, punctuation, and other grammar rules my kids still forget these on the fly when they are completing their writing assignments or grammar workbook.

Many parents believe that memorization is the key, but even as adults we forget little things and jump to our hand-held search engines to find a quick answer. I do this regularly for math problems!

It can be a good thing to share tools with our students, whether it be a calculator, map, chart, or a quick reference guide like this one, to aid them as they complete their school work. These can help boost confidence and efficiency in your child’s abilities to finish his assignments, instead of leaving him frustrated because he struggles to recall something simple.

Parts of Speech Free Printable PIN

FREE Parts of Speech and Punctuation Quick Reference Guide

There is no need to feel like a failure if your child works better with “cheat sheets.” Grammar and punctuation rules can be hard to keep track of sometimes. Kids can get confused with new terminology and freeze up when faced with a certain task if they don’t remember. This is where quick reference guides or “cheat sheets” can come in handy.

Our free printable can be a great reference for a child that needs some help remembering what they have learned. They can quickly glance at the sheet in their notebook or hanging on a wall. Next time they may actually remember it!

By entering your information below you will be able to download a copy of Homeschool Planet’s FREE Parts of Speech and Punctuation Quick Reference Guide. Laminate this quick reference guide for long term use so that it can withstand wear and tear. Hang it in the school room or tuck it into your child’s notebook so he knows where to find it when he needs it.

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