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Adding a Reminder

Sometimes we all need helpful reminders! Homeschool Planet allows you to send reminders via email or text to your account users. Learn how to remind yourself to shop for those Science lab items, how to send a gentle (or firm) reminder to your students, and how to use reminders in the best way for your family!

Homeschool Planet Assignments User Guide

Adding a Reminder to Assignments

  1. After logging into your account, find the class that includes the assignment for which you want to add the reminder, click on the class title, then select the “Edit” option.
  2. Once the “Edit Class” window opens, scroll down through the assignments to find the one for which you want to add the reminder.
  3. At the end assignment row to the far right, click on the “More…” drop-down menu and choose the “Add a reminder” option.
  4. A notification window will open explaining that Homeschool Planet automatically sends a Daily Digest email if this feature is turned on in your student’s profiles. Below this, you will see the “Add a reminder anyway” button. Select this.
  5. You will now be back to your assignment list and the “Reminders” options will appear under the assignment.
  6. Make your selections in the different fields using the drop-down menus. Select the “Add a message” text link to open the field to create a personal message. You can also preview the message or add another reminder by selecting the appropriate text links.
  7. When you have finished, select the “Save and close” button in the lower right corner of the window.

Adding a Reminder to Assignments

Adding a Reminder to Assignments Video Tutorial

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