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Meaning of Colored Checkboxes

Ever wonder what the red, yellow, and green colors that appear in the checkboxes next to assignments mean? Read on to find out!

Homeschool Planet Assignments User Guide

Meaning of Checkbox Colors next to Assignments

When you click on a checkbox it will turn green. Click again and it will move to the next color. Missed your color- just click again and cycle through the options!

  • Green indicates that the assignment is finished and ready for grading, provided that grading has been configured for the assignment.
  • Yellow indicates that the assignment is currently in progress. For instance, if a student has started a reading assignment but hasn’t finished it yet, marking it as yellow signifies its ongoing status. Another situation for marking the box as yellow is to signal to the teacher that the assignment requires grading before being changed to green, indicating completion.
  • Red indicates that the assignment has not been completed or is overdue. This is a helpful way to identify when a student hasn’t finished their work, needs additional assistance, or when an assignment has surpassed its due date. Once the assignment has been evaluated by either the parent/teacher or the student, it can be updated to yellow or green accordingly.

Students love this feature, as it provides them with a feeling of accomplishment. You can set up a system with your student to allow them some freedom, responsibility, and accountability for their schoolwork. We think that this helps build confidence and character in students.

Because parents use the checkboxes in a variety of ways, we hope that you will find the method that will work best for your family.

Note: Please remember that if you have the “Hide completed assignments” option set to “Yes,” you won’t be able to modify the status of an assignment once you’ve marked it as complete on the calendar, as it will disappear from view. For more details on this setting, please refer to our guide “Hiding Complete Assignments” available here.

As always, feel free to reach out to us with any questions at We are here to help you!

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